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CI Management Guidelines
In order to maintain a unified image of ‘GABINO’, this manual should be carefully managed after being fully aware
of the guidelines for utilizing each visual element and design as prescribed.

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  • 1. The contents presented in this manual cannot be changed arbitrarily,
    and only necessary parts of the data should be delivered
    when manufacturing or ordering.
  • 2. Although various proportional regulations presented in this manual
    may be applied appropriately according to the applicable media,
    the proportional regulations of the basic elements and the utilization
    principles set forth in each paragraph of the manual must be followed.
  • 3. The use of the manuscript must be made by computer output using
    the manuscript data in the manual.
  • This manual can be modified or supplemented to the design if necessary,
    depending on the situation, changes in trends, media, materials, and
    application technology, but in this case, it must be determined
    through consultation with the department in charge.